The story of us...

It was the summer of 2006 and the scents of sun tan lotion, the ocean and hair gel filled the Belmar air.   A young man of 24 decided he was going to spend his summer with friends at a summer house on 16th Street in Belmar, NJ.  Unbeknownst to him at the time, his future wife was just two streets over spending her summer with friends on 18th street…
As it turns out, his friends were friends with her friends, and her friends were friends with his friends.   They met in the very beginning of the summer very briefly.  He thought, “Who is this cute girl that never stops talking?”   She thought, “Who is the buff guy who never makes a peep?”   Weekends that summer were spent with friends (and each other’s friends) at the beach, D’Jais, Headliners, Bar A, The Parker House, at breakfast bingo in the Trop Pub, and at good old fashioned house parties at one another’s summer houses.
The days were long and the nights were fun. It wasn’t until a rainy weekend towards the end of the summer, when many people weren’t around, did they realize they had a **spark**.  The summer came to an end and the two casually dated for a few months.  Their schedules were quite conflicting; therefore they did not have much time to spend with one another.  The dates became scarce and they casually drifted apart…
In July of 2008, the following events occurred:
-          “Person A” sent “Person B” a belated birthday e-mail
-          “Person B” replied and sent “Person A” a belated birthday e-mail back (Both of their birthdays fall within the same week.)
-          “Person A” replied and said to “Person B” “How about we get together for dinner?”
-          “Person B” replied and said, “That sounds great!”
And so began their courtship…
The identity of Person A and Person B is still up for debate in Deana and Matt’s eyes.  As to this day, they still bicker about who pursued who, and sent the first e-mail rekindling their romance. 
They casually dated for the rest of the year and into 2009, when they finally decided – Hey, this might work…we should be “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”. Many dates were spent, ok most of their dates were spent, having dinner together. They both realized early on that the way to each other’s hearts was through their stomachs. And so they laughed, and ate, and went to the movies, and ate, and went out for drinks, and ate, smooched a little, and ate, went to the beach, and ate. Before they could even realize it happened – POOF! They fell in love. <3
On December 18th at 1:30am, Matt proposed to Deana. He came home from work and she was still up cooking and baking for her family Christmas party. He asked her to go get a paper for him for work out of a cabinet in the living room. As she opened the door, she found one of her Christmas gifts in there – a homemade scrapbook page.
                (On a side note, Deana is an avid scrapbooker. For the few years that they
                      dated,  every Christmas Matt would ask Deana what she wanted. She
                      would always say, “I want you to make me a scrapbook page.” This was
                      mostly because Deana is quite sentimental, and also because she finds
                 some great humor in a big, muscle-bound man sitting there playing with
                      stickers and glitter and writing love notes.) And so he always pacified her
                     with her wish.  For the past few years Matt has always made Deana a
                     scrapbook page.
Back to the story… 
And so she found her scrapbook page. She turned around to him and said, “I don’t think I was supposed to find this.” He said, “Go ahead, you can have it now.” She read the beautiful love-note which brought tears to her eyes. At the very end of the page, there was a statement that read, “for page 2, please go to the cabinet by the Christmas tree.” She was so excited that not only did he make her a scrapbook page, but apparently he made her TWO PAGES this year. She opened the cabinet, pulled out the page, and a box falls on to her lap. In BIG black sparkly letters, the second page read, “Deana will you marry me?” As she cried from the shock, she looked at him and said yes. Then she proceeded to say, “Are you sure you want to do this?!?! I’m covered in chocolate and barbecue sauce right now, I’m such a mess!” With a mere shake of his head from his nervousness, she said, “YES!!! Once again.”
This brings you here now. Thank you for listening to the story of us. Let us cherish this moment, soak it up, and wear it as the greatest badge we have ever worn. Our love is beginning to blossom, and we thank you for soaking it up with us.
So much love,
Deana and Matt


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